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voi keratin sulfate free cocoa oil hair care products


. Voi Cocoa oil Keratin shampoo moisturizes the scalp while gently cleaning the hair without drying it, thanks to its special sulfate-free formula. Keratin, biotin and cocoa butter in its content nourish and strengthen your hair, protect it from breakage and prevent shedding. With the provitamin B5 in its content, it makes your hair look more lively and fuller.

.  Voi Cocoa Oil Keratin + Biotin Hair Conditioner In addition to the repairing and nourishing effects of Biotin, Cocoa Butter and Keratin, it strengthens your hair, protects it against breakage and prevents it from falling out. Mineral complex has been developed with five basic mineral ingredients. Thanks to olive oil and Provitamin B5 and minerals, it strengthens the hair from the root and provides the necessary elements to produce keratin.

. Voi Herbal Keratin & 5 Mineral Hair Mask is specially formulated for thinning and weakened hair. Biotin, Cocoa Butter and Keratin not only strengthen your hair, protect it from breakage and prevent it from falling out, but also have a restorative and nourishing effect. Thanks to Vitamin E and Provitamin B5, it strengthens the hair from root to tip.